Dog training collars Wodondog L880-2

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IP7 depth waterproof remote control dog, the receiver is equipped with silicone conductive column more secure, remote control distance of 800 meters, remote control function keys separately need what function directly button, easy to operate

1. Receiver IP7 degree waterproof, high quality TPU material, can swim, take a bath, dive
2. White LCD screen display, blue or gray button
3. Remote control distance of about 800 meters
4. With lithium battery, rechargeable
5. TPU material receiver and waterproof
6. for dog
7. Product Certification: CE / FCC / ROHS
8. OEM
9. 10-99 file adjustment, adjust the receiver static and vibration size, you can according to your pet’s personality and size to adjust
10. Dog collar with digital automatic code memory function, will not be affected by similar products of neighbors interference.



Product Description

105.jpg101.jpgblack.jpgL880-1 grey key.jpg00410.jpgfor 2 dog




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gery key, Orange+black, Blue+black


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